A combination of low and high relief techniques can be used to accomplies the fantastic end product. Pewter can be pasted on any wooden boxes, crosses, borders on frames or wooden edges. This is a popular product to make for gifts and decoration

Pewter designs of low and high relief can be used in any frame. The endproduct is very popular as gift or as house ornament.

 Pewter can be paste on any metal tin, jar or metal container.

Pewter can be pasted on any flat or slightly rounded candle as border. 

Crafters enjoy using a crafters foil to create end products, with a similar technique as pewter. The end product is not the same as pewter, but cheaper medium to play around with when you would like to experiment. The foil can be pasted on

Pewter can be pasted on any glass surface to decorate the sides abnd finish off a masterpeice.
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